The Snow Is Falling Down, On Our New England Town

By the end of today, I will be contending with shoveling somewhere around 30 inches of snow. It’s been snowing for nearly 24 hours now and it’s been wild. The College cancelled classes until noon when the power went out this morning. So, it became a work from home day even though my office is a three minute walk from my humble abode.

I’d like to think shoveling builds character. It’s rather manly, requiring physical labor of muscles combinations not ever exercised together at the gym. I got acquainted with the weight of snow in ways not possible when speeding down the ski hill. And still something about trying to keep up with mother nature is just ridiculous. When you shovel for a half hour and look back only to see that fresh snow has replaced your hard work, it’s the equivalent of being smacked in the face.

As a student at Middlebury, I never once shoveled snow. Even during the 2007 Valentine’s Day storm, I just sucked it up and somehow waded through the waste-deep snow after struggling to open the front door. I once dug a car out, too. Today, I added to my snow-repertoire.

Here are some other fanciful examples of snow photos from Middlebury (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Photo: taken by my housemate Chelsea upon waking up this morning when there was only around a foot on the ground. Points to anyone who can name the band and song that the title of this post comes from.


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  1. I was told that you need to shovel every hour when the snow is coming down like this for hours… you don’t have to shovel 30 inches of packed snow after it stops. So it is not all for nothing with the constant shoveling.

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