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I was talking with some of my fellow MiddBlog editors last week, and an idea jumped to mind as we chatted about recruiting new bloggers on campus: most students start their first blog when they go abroad. The question is how to get them to keep blogging once they return home to the States and Middlebury.

Going abroad somehow is justification enough to start blogging. There’s something about the newness of the experiences combined with the necessity to communicate home to worried parents and friends that makes blogs perfect. Check out this blog from a friend in Chile — he used it to say he was safe after the earthquake.

But the question for our Middlebury community blog is this: is it better to bring on people who’ve blogged before or people who are well plugged-in to the community and its issues? I would say it’s rare to get someone who’s both engaged in community issues and an avid blogger.


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  1. I agree with your last statement– it is certainly hard to find someone who is an avid blogger and active in the community.

    But really, I think it’s hardest to find someone who is an avid (and good) blogger. If we can find good bloggers, I think good coverage of the community will follow naturally.

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