On Music Blogs

For a guy who sings a lot, I have a surprising lack of knowledge about music in the way that most think about it: the radio, music videos, and hit singles. I’m just not the kinda guy who hears a song and then asks who the artist is or the song title. My housemate asks me what kind of music I like and my standard response is: “anything that’s singable.”

So, I have appreciation for the folks who stay on the edge of music trends because I certainly am not. As it turns out, a few my favorite blogs right now are music blogs. Here are my top three:

  1. Kickin the Peanuts
  2. IndieShuffle
  3. WRMC 91.1FM

What goes into a music blog? I think it’s equal parts novelty and curation. You want to provide readers with the latest, before anyone else gets to them. You’re informing the trend-setters that then take it to their friends. But some of this is simply timing. If there’s a new Lady Gaga video, a ton of people will eventually see it. You’re job is to be on the front end. Second, curation. Cull the crap of the music industry. This is where it really is about your music taste. Be discerning and present readers with only what is worthwhile.

An interesting twist to music blogs is the fact that they frequently give out or play full songs without royalty payments to songwriters/artists. Even radio stations pay out fees. And most record labels let this slide because they want the free promotion and “street cred” of these blogs. Most offer a disclaimer: we will take down any song, upon request or within a few weeks of posting.