The Gentle Reminder

I’ve noticed an increased usage of “gentle reminders” — emails that try to use a courteous/polite way of saying: “I know you deleted my last email but I’m going to try to get through to you again.” You of little faith!

I read my email and, recently, have come close to inbox zero regularly. The last thing I want is to get the same email multiple times. The number of times you send reminders corresponds directly to how desperate you are for me to respond, attend, or do whatever the email says.

Okay, end rant. I intellectually see why gentle reminders are used. People got stuff going on and miss things. They need to be pinged and sometimes even expect and yes rely on being reminded.

Still, if you’re so busy as to need a reminder, it’s probably more efficient to read your email once, take action as needed, rather than be reminded a bunch of times.


One thought on “The Gentle Reminder”

  1. A software company (which came to Middlebury for business advice) has an algorithm that sends reminder e-mails to people who have picked items in an on-line store, but abandoned their ‘shopping cart.’ Apparently this company’s e-mailing scheme is able to recover millions of dollars in what would otherwise be lost sales. Proof that as annoying as those reminders are, they can be quite effective.

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