I would say the majority of people I know are looking for work, have just recently just started working, or are about to be looking for work. But that’s not why I started my new employment blog: I started it for the liberal artists (not democratic painters) and named it as such.

What does a liberal arts degree really mean? Where does it get you? What skills do you have? I have seen some of my smartest and most talented friends struggle immensely post-graduation and this blog is for them. And it’s not to help them as if this were charity or an advice line. It’s to give voice to them.

I’m saying that the 20-something recession-grad is a story worth telling. The successes. The failures. The pressures. I’m living it, so why try to mask it in Career Service pamphlets and cryptic facebook statuses. The blog, thanks to my partner Sarah, has a bit more of a snarky tone than I’m used to. But employers take note, I know how to adapt to styled writing. I write it that way to have some appeal and light-heartedness to what can be a tough process for my colleagues/classmates.

Let me know what you think. I want the blog to be fresh. There’s a risk of failure, but you know what, I haven’t been failing enough recently. That means I’m getting too comfortable, not pushing myself.


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  1. Huzzah for snark! Some random facebook friend who I haven’t talked to for over 7 years told me that she’s going to be a frequent visitor, so I think it’s off to a good start. Yays. 🙂

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