Quote in US News

I was quoted in a U.S. News article, “How to Launch Your Career In a Lousy Economy

Other job seekers are using less conventional means to get attention and find the best job—and wage—possible. Kellett has blogged about his job search on his personal website, and he considers that blog part of his résumé. He even links to it in his cover letter. “If an employer looked at it, they would get an interesting and unique perspective from there,” he says.

For Kellett, attitude is just as important as his résumé. He has decided not to dwell on the bad luck of having to enter the workforce in a downtime for the economy. When he first started looking for a job, “I wasn’t particularly worried, which was troubling to some of my friends,” says Kellett. ” ‘Why aren’t you freaking out about the job market?’ they said. I really couldn’t tell them why. It helps to have a positive attitude.”