Links Kill

As you might have noticed recently, this blog has had a whole series of posts that are links to articles around the web that I find interesting. After about two months of this, I have decided that I am going to stop with these posts. While I think some of my readers get a glimpse of what interests me, in addition to simply finding cool tidbits from around the web, the posts occured too frequently (daily) for me to really be making use of this blog properly. Furthermore, the links were not substantial enough to really connect meaningfully with readers. It’s been a great experiment, so thanks for hanging in there and continuing to read.

If you’re still interested in the links to what I’m reading, check this out: or RSS here. I will continue posting links to Delicious but they won’t show up here.

In case you’re interested, the way these links appeared day after day was rather elaborate. I use Twitter as my main source of publishing links to the world., a new and cool service, picked up my links from Twitter and posted them to Delicious. Delicious then served a daily set of links to this blog by logging in to my wordpress account and posting a summary.

While I continue employment/liberal art blogging over at (check it out), I hopefully will add some more substantial posts here over the coming months.