Wordcamp 2010

Sometimes I just need to hang out with people who understand my complete and utter geek-itude when it comes to blogging. And Wordcamp SF 2010 gave me a great opportunity to immerse myself in blogging bliss. Wordcamp is the conference for users and creators of the WordPress platform that makes this very blog possible.

Yea, I sometimes catch some flak for being the “blog guy,” but that just makes me feel at home at Wordcamp. To be honest, I was lost somewhere between the complete newbie and the hard-core coder. When Scott Rosenberg (a journalist) spoke, I felt ahead of the curve. But I was way behind the curve when folks like Niall Kennedy started reeling through specs for building plugins.

It was fun seeing the “State of the Word” address too. Great to hear about all the new features that are coming with WordPress 3.0. But I think what I got out of the day was inspiration to just go and try a bunch of new stuff with the platform. Trying out Google’s Living Stories plugin might be a start. I might also be looking at child themes, frameworks, e-commerce, and more.