3…2…1… You’re Live

November 4th, 2008 was probably the first time I tried out any type of “live” coverage. I used ScribbleLive to cover Election Day for MiddBlog. We had a bunch of contributors all pile in their comments into a running “live blog” of the day’s events. Today, a lot of sites (including NPR) use CoverItLive for running text coverage.

During my summer at NPR, we did a live chat with the musician Moby. It took a producer, a host, and two interns to run it. My fellow intern Camden was running the chat, moderating comments as listeners tuned in to hear Moby take questions. I was running the Twitter questions, monitoring the hashtag and submitting questions to the larger chat. Producer Rob Hilton would feed questions to host Bob Boilen who would then ask Moby.

Last Thursday, I tried streaming my acappella group‘s concert with live video on ustream.com. And I was surprised that it worked pretty well to reach an audience of around 40-50 people (mostly parents and friends) with less than 24 hours notice. I just used the built-in camera on my computer to broadcast and had some sound issues when the audience hooped and hollered (blasting the eardrums of the internet viewers). Either way, it was a worthwhile experiment especially for the most dedicated fans that can tune in from far away. The fan appreciation for being able to connect with a live event is pretty amazing.