To The Post!


I want to point you to my announcement that I have taken a job a the Washington Post in Washington D.C. starting in November. I will be interactivity producer there, which means I’ll be working on crafting online projects that involve user generated content (UGC). I could go on and on about what I think my job means, but I really would love to start work before I start painting entirely inaccurate pictures of what it’s like.

I want to say — wow, thanks to Middlebury. I have been working at Middlebury for the last several months since February, and I’ve enjoyed it. Better yet, I’ve learned a lot and have a continuing interest in higher education and business. Many thanks to my mentors at Middlebury too — shrewd and creative, these are the people I looked up and tried to glean lessons that extended beyond the confines of the campus. Big things happening at Middlebury… stay tuned.


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