On Goals, Part 2

Checking in on the goals I set for myself last February, here’s how I did:

  • Eat Local, if possible: Yes, I did this to about 60-70% success. Middlebury in the spring/summer/fall is a great place to eat locally from farmers markets and co-op. This is something that I’ll continue to work on but perhaps less explicitly.
  • Cook: Yes, the Frugal Foodie cook book helped a bunch to achieve this. So I have a minimal cooking repertoire and am still looking to expand.
  • Investing/Money Management: Yes, I am now set up with much higher credit limits, divided checking/savings accounts, a Roth IRA, and some stock/bond investing. It’s easier to keep the system going once you’ve set it up.
  • Blog Every Day: Nope, this sorta failed. I certainly did not write on this blog every day. I did blog almost daily for MiddBlog over the summer and even started liberalart.us, though.
  • Find an adventure for post-May, preferably without a resume: Yes, I got a job and I got it without submitting a resume online.
  • Read like a champion: Nope. I got a Kindle and it helped get me reading, but I have not lived up to this goal.

So what do you think my new goals should be? (post forthcoming)