Hopefully, It Won’t Get Me Fired

My boss asks me: why don’t you blog anymore? Well, it’s because I work at The Washington Post. But one my New Years’ resolutions was to get back to writing so here it goes again. Or as one tweet puts it:


Actually, I have not been entirely radio silent as of late. I did a quick write-up of user submitted content to the Post’s Cairo Dispatches callout. I also have committed to doing a few trial posts back on my old blogging haunt – MiddBlog. My first post was “Stop with the Resumes,” an overview of starting a job search. I guess you can call that post and the forthcoming posts “fallout” from the liberalart.us blog I ran with Sarah and Leslie. I learned a lot blogging on finding a job while having a job, and I still believe what I wrote in that original “about” page: “We’re saying that the 20-something recession-grad is a story worth telling.”

The work at the Post has been a lot of things so far: challenging, rewarding, frustrating, boring, fun, laughable, cry-able, and more. What I appreciate so much is the ability to switch between high-level, intellectual work of strategy and hands-on, “tangible” day-to-day work. In other words, I get to produce things that have an immediate effect while also applying those liberal artsy skills to problems that require tons of ideas/solutions/perspectives. I occasionally have found myself of wrapped up in the rush of news that even stops the oldest hands in the newsroom. I have also found myself at times numb to the news now because I see so much of it every day.

I won’t promise to write more here at ryankellett.com, but this blog has served me well for many many years now and it probably deserves some attention. And I shouldn’t ever forget the value of solidifying and growing thoughts by putting pen to paper (well, hands to keyboard or whatever). Maybe I can even make some new big plans.


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