Freelance Photography

In the same vein as my work as a freelance web designer, I also do freelance photography. Feel free to take a look at some of past work including: the China Collection, 2007 and 2008 Quidditch World Cups, Regina Spektor @ Middlebury College, and The Girl Scouts.

I am based out of Washington, D.C. I generally ask for a base rate of $30/hour plus travel. I bring my own equipment. I can post preliminary versions of photos within 24 hours of the event. I offer full access of photos in full size to anyone post-event via my Flickr site. I do not make you pay for digital copies of your photos. I can print photos for you at extra cost or you may print them yourself.

I am not a professional photographer. That said, I enjoy photographing events and would be happy to help you with your event. Here are some examples of projects:

Group gatherings such as picnics, appreciation days, holiday parties, etc.
Concerts, Dances, Performances
Graphic Design Photos
Portraits, Family Photos

Overall, I prefer quick, simple, and no-frills photography. I strive to be professional, fast, and practical while providing excellent work at all times. Please contact me if you have questions, inquiries, or to get references. I most likely can give you a quote within 48 hours.


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