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When I was 13, I recorded with a Bay Area opera singer on her CD. When she completed the CD, we exchanged emails and she asked if I could design her a personal website to accompany the CD. At the time, I was designing a website for my family (who else?) and included a working link at the bottom of my emails. She clicked through and was impressed so she asked if I could help her. That is where I started web design.

More than a decade later, web design skills are surprisingly in demand as everyone needs a web presence of some kind. From a personal website to a blog to a company website, the proliferation of internet access means that more and more people want to find information on the web.

I am not a professional web designer. I don’t pretend to be. But I do enjoy designing websites and developing helpful solutions for individuals and groups alike. Whether it’s adding a photo gallery for my acappella group or designing a website for an entire organization, I take pleasure in starting from scratch or updating/expanding whatever sites you have. It’s really about tailoring a solution to you, not forcing the latest Web 2.0 technology upon you.

And so, I am offering my skills as a freelance web designer for small projects. I usually work by the hour:

$30/hour + any additional costs (such as buying a domain name, email addresses, etc.)

Here are some typical projects that I take on:

  • Buying and setting up a domain (for instance,
  • Setting up personalized email addresses for yourself or a group (
  • Designing and setting up a blog or static website
  • Teaching you how to use and update your blog or website
  • Updating and/or redesigning your current website
  • Implementing a method for user feedback or interactive features
  • Consulting for larger projects, websites, logos, etc.

I do some graphic design work myself, but I also have a list of folks who are able to help create what you are looking for if you need something custom-made. I prefer clean and sleek designs but do ask if you would like more intricate solutions. I also take photos, if needed.

These are industry-standard tools I use regularly: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, various content management systems including Drupal and WordPress, Cyberduck FTP, a Mac, and Google Apps. I do not do animations, Flash, or gimmicky stuff.

Overall, I prefer quick, simple, and no-frills web solutions. I strive to be professional, fast, and practical while providing excellent design work at all times. Please contact me if you have questions, inquiries, or to get references. I most likely can give you a quote within 48 hours.

email: ryan at ryankellett dot com

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